memories of the ’80s – Married with Children

In the late ’80s, this family attracted tv viewers for their uniquely odd family unit: Married with Children.

Debuting on Fox TV in April 1987, this half hour sitcom was the first primetime show created and aired on the fledgling network.

Starring Ed O’Neill and Katey Seagal as Al and Peggy Bundy, the working class patriarch and matriarch of the Bundy family also includes their not so smart daughter Kelly, played by Christina Applegate, and their son Bud, played by David Faustino.

Al is a former highschool football star, now shoe salesman, who relives his past glories, and loves his tv, Dodge car and his daughter. His wife Peggy doesn’t do any housework or cooking, is constantly looking for money from Al to go shopping and a preference for male strippers, while also being the success of her backwoods family.

Kelly is a dimwitted teenager, noted for her promiscuity thanks to numerous boyfriends and making fun of her nerdy brother Bud, who tries to act cool by creating a rap alterego Grandmaster B.

Marcy and Steve are the Bundy’s neighbours, and Marcy is Peggy’s best friend, always happy to help her take on Al for some money for their shopping and party needs.

Despite the fan adoration of these oddball tv characters, the ratings were never strong due to the series airing on Fox, which was constantly battling for notice from NBC, ABC and CBS.

Nominated for several Emmy Awards, the series lasted 11 seasons and in its later years Seagal and O’Neill were also nominated for several Golden Globe Awards for their acting.

But it was the mix of crude humour, strange characters, wierd storylines and showcasing the reality of America’s working class that seemed to lure viewers to constantly tune into this American family.

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