memories of the ’80s – Meg Ryan

From the small screen to the big screen, this comedic actress had many fans – Meg Ryan.

Starting her career on the big screen with a small part in the film Rich & Famous with Candice Bergen, this young actress chose to go to the small screen with a two year stint on the daytime soap opera As the World Turns.

But it was a small appearance on screen in Top Gun as the wife of a naval aviator that propelled her silly good girl image to several more people, including director Steven Spielberg who chose her to be in the cast of Innerspace in 1987, where she met future husband Dennis Quaid.

The two were teamed up again in the  remake of thriller D.O.A in 1988, but it was her role starring opposite Billy Crystal in When Harry met Sally in 1989 that officially launched her career worldwide.

Her portrayal of Sally, a woman who wonders if she can have more than a friendship with Harry, her best friend became one of those storylines everyone eventually knew by heart. Her notorious scene in a restaurant where she imitates an orgasm has become one of film’s classic moments, and catapulted the star to a household name.

Although the end of this decade came to a close, Ryan’s shining star was just beginning to bloom – even if she wanted to get away from her stereotype of a funny blonde that had a hard time breaking the rules.

Cute, likeable, smart and funny were attributes easily assigned to Ryan, whose film career has steadily continued into the 21st century.


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One Response to memories of the ’80s – Meg Ryan

  1. Paul S says:

    I can’t believe I’ve come across your post late but I definitely agree with you on this one.

    I love Meg in Sleepless, and When Harry Met Sally, and many other roles (Prelude to a Kiss, Addicted to Love, Flesh and Bone…) Meg and Tom were also both fantastic in Joe vs. The Volcano. That is such an underrated classic. And I absolutely love You’ve Got Mail…the last really good Meg Ryan flick in my opinion. Outside of my youthful crush on Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg was my first and I’ll always love her even though she hasn’t aged gracefully and has made bad film choices of late. I’m in the mood for a Meg Movie marathon now…might have to do that really soon.

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