memories of the ’80s – Everlasting Love

The power of this song – Everlasting Love – has meant repeated versions in the past decades, with each time making it a one hit wonder and a Billboard chart hit every time.

Written by Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden, the song was written for Motown signer Robert Knight, who originally recorded the song in Nashville in 1967.

Hitting number 13 on the Billboard charts, this song was recorded and released again in 1968 by Love Affair and again in 1974 by Carl Carlton, whose version was the most successful, hitting top five on Billboard charts.

In 1981, CBS recording artists Rex Smith and Rebecca Sweet decided to record the song for a third time, hoping to get a Billboard hit. Smith had a previous Billboard chart hit in the late 1970s and was a Teen Beat hearthrob, while Sweet was just at the beginning of her singing career, and included the song on her debut album And He Kissed Me.

The duo’s version of Everlasting Love was a bit less Motown and soul and more pop, and came with a music video, perfect for MTV and MuchMusic to spin endlessly. Smith included the single on his album Everlasting Love.

The duo’s version hit #32 in August 1981, and climbed the charts in Europe to hit top 10, influencing the young teen generation with their 1980s pop styled version.

But they weren’t the only ones to record this song in the 1980s – German pop star Sandra, also recorded her version in 1987, hitting the top 10 charts in several European countries including Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France and Italy.

This song is one that lives on in each decade, but in each time period became a one hit wonder.


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