memories of the ’80s – Magnum

File:Magnumtomselleck.jpgFor tv fans of the 1980s, one of the male leads who was always a favourite was Thomas Sullivan Magnum, the lead character of Magnum PI.

Portrayed by Thomas Selleck, Magnum was a unique combination – he was from a Navy family, he had served in the Navy as a SEAL during the Vietnam War and ended up living in Honolulu, where he had been based.

Created by Glen A. Larson, Magnum won Tom Selleck and his creator Emmy Awards.

As Thomas Magnum, Selleck was the guy’s guy – a fan of baseball and football, a former football player, a former Naval officer and now living on the estate of a famous author in his guest house, with access to his red Ferrari.

Magnum works as a private investigator, locating missing people, money and solving mysteries with the help of his two former military buddies Rick and TC while avoiding the strict rules of the estate’s caretaker Higgins.

As he solved crimes, Selleck’s fame grew, with the success of the series. He became the quintessential man of tv – a hero who had suffered, who continued in his laid-back way to help people, and didn’t mind showing off the trappings of his rich friend.

His trademark Hawaiian shirts and mustache became pop culture symbols and despite his continued success as a television actor, he’s always known as Magnum.


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