memories of the ’80s – Polaroid commercials

In the early 1980s, two well-known actors became ad pitchmen that everyone adored: James Garner and Mariette Hartley for Polaroid.

Garner had been doing television commercials for Polaroid in the late 1970s, promoting the latest camera releases.

Portraying a married couple with a dash of humour and a bit of snarky comeback,  Garner and Hartley introduced Polaroid’s latest camera offerings in 30 second tv spots in 1980.

Check out one of the tv ads – or this one before the party….

Viewer response was immediate and dedicated – as the commercials continued, showing the actors as a couple in different situations, viewers assumed the twosome were married.

In TV Guide Magazine, an article ran titled “That Woman is not James Garner’s wife” – a profile on Mariette Hartley.

As the tv commercials continued, the public was smitten with the duo and loved their ongoing banter.

For this viewer, the subtle humour and charisma of the actors made these 30 seconds of promotion memorable, even in the 21st century.


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