memories of the ’70s – The Secrets of Isis

From Saturday morning animation to live action – The Secrets of Isis was the first female superhero of ’70s television.

Debuting on CBS in September 1975, The Secrets of Isis starred JoAnna Cameron in the title role.

She played a highschool teacher (Andrea Thomas) who discovers an ancient amulet while in Egypt.

Finding the amulet belonged to an Egyptian queen, Thomas soon discovers that if she invokes the phrase – O Mighty Isis – she is tranformed into the goddess and has her magical powers.

Isis could fly, had superhuman strength, could affect time and was fast. Usually she preceded her feats of superpower with another incantation like “Oh zephyr winds which blow on high / Lift me now so I can fly!”

While as Ms. Thomas she had telepathic powers, mainly which she used to communicate with her pet bird Tut. Most of the time Thomas/Isis helped her highschool students when they were in trouble, but keeping her secret identity safe from her friends Rick and Cindy.

The series did well in its first season of 15 episodes, resulting in a second season with 22 episodes. But the series was then cancelled and went into syndication.

For kids of the 1970s, it was their first taste of a female superhero, before Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman came to the small screen. And for this girl, it was another fun series to watch as Isis came to the rescue.


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