memories of the ’70s – Slime

Were you the kid of the 1970s that absolutely, positively, had to have SLIME? I was.

Debuting on store shelves in 1976 from Mattel, Slime was a slightly sticky, green, goopy and viscous – found in its own matching green trashcan. As the tagline said: it’s gooey, drippy, oozy, cold ‘n’ clammy!

Mainly made from guar gum, Slime was the perfect thing to toss onto a friend, play with in your hands to make rude noises and toss in small toys to look like they were drowning in the slime.

Next generation concoctions of the toy included rubber insects, worms and eyeballs. Perfect for the kid who wanted something that looked horrible, disgusting, creepy and felt oh so wierd.

And yes, I owned Slime. I loved it. My Mum kept it in the fridge so it felt even colder than normal, but soon it disappeared as I lost interest and my parents thankfully could get rid of that toy.


About Waheeda Harris

A pop culture junkie with a penchant for exploring our planet.
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