memories of the ’80s – rock pins

What did the stylish young teenager of the 1980s want to have?

Beyond the layers of clothing and a bit of neon, there was always a need to have a pin sporting your favourite band, saying or tv show.

Worn on the collar of your jacket, along the top of the pocket, on your school bag, backpack or brim of a hat, the rock pin or music button was de rigeur for everyone to have.

No matter if you were a boy or a girl, these buttons showed your personal preferences within the ’80s pop culture as well as showed off if you had recently been to a concert.

But that wasn’t the only place to buy them – any store that sold records also sold these pins.

For this girl, I was lucky to know some fellow students at my highschool who made rock pins and sold them to students. They would take requests as well as try to get you to buy the ones they felt were the most popular.

And buy them I did – at record stores, concerts and from my schoolmates – because, it was THE thing to do.

And who didn’t want to show their support for THE best band or tv show?

I may not have worn my heart on my sleeve, but everyone certainly knew of my musical tastes.


About Waheeda Harris

A pop culture junkie with a penchant for exploring our planet.
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