memories of the ’70s – macrame

Was there a household in the 1970s that didn’t feature an example of macrame?

A craft that became all the thing in this decade, macrame was an easy way to make hanging plant holders, wall hangings, jewellery, belts and anything else anyone could come up with while knotting in a sequence.

Using jute or twine was the standard for creations. If you were really wanting to decorate, acrylic yarn in green, yellow or rust to compliment the brown, avocado, white, orange and yellow decor colours of the time period was a popular choice.

I learned macrame in elementary school – first starting with a plant holder and then moving into creating the popular owl. When you were getting advanced you learned more knots, incorporated more strands and added wood beads to the pattern (or as seen above, a piece of wood too)

But what did I want to make?

If I had my way, I would have made a long plant holder that would have held a circular piece of glass – and thus creating my own hanging table for beside my bed.

Alas my Mum wouldn’t let me create it, but it was still cool to see the belts made by several older sisters of my friends, the friendship bracelets given at birthday parties and the plant holders in everyone’s home.

I remember even seeing a fashion-forward teenager sporting her macrame vest.

Alas, with the end of the decade, macrame lost its lustre, yet still so closely associated with this decade.


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