memories of the ’80s – Village Lip Lickers Lip Balm

When the ’80s started, it wasn’t surprising that certain girls wanted the cute lip balm and became fans of the Village Lip Lickers Lip Balm.

Created in 1979, this old-fashioned lip balm came in newfangled flavours, but was packaged in a rectangular tin with a sliding lid and old-style design.

Girls of the early 1980s kept these tins in every purse and pocket, ready to shine up the lips with watermelon, strawberry, green apple, vanilla, peach and spearmint.

And for those girls who wanted something special, the company introduced tins with two different flavours – such as a raspberry and cream, cherry and cola, watermelon and ice or banana and strawberry.

Newer flavours included butterscotch, tropical punch and fruit punch, but the all time bestseller: strawberry.

I had many of these tins in my school bag and purses – the size of two stamps so that it was easily taken anywhere but easily lost, which is why I accumulated many of these lip balms and don’t remember finishing any of them.


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One Response to memories of the ’80s – Village Lip Lickers Lip Balm

  1. stac pr says:

    Find these flavored lip gloss tins again at They have all the fun flavors like Root beer, cream soda, Bubble gum and many more.

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