memories of the ’70s – Don’t Give Up on Us

For those tv viewers of the 1970s, the radio airwaves were soon playing one of their favourites – David Soul’s Don’t Give Up on Us.

The co-star of Starsky & Hutch, which had debuted on screen in 1975, used his notoriety to go back into the studio, and record a single written by Tony Macaulay, a well-known British songwriter and composer.

Released as a single in the UK in early 1977, the single shot to the top of the charts, spending four weeks at number one in January and February.

When released in North America, the single shot to the top of the charts, and grabbed the number one spot for one week in April on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as hitting number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart.

Thanks to his weekly appearance on television, the single was a popular one on radios across North America, but David Soul became a  one hit wonder, never achieving musical success again.

As a flash in the pop culture history timeline, this song made a quick splash, but showed the power of tv and music to combine and benefit one another.

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