memories of the ’80s – Haircut One Hundred

This Brit band’s style and songs made them pop music darlings from the beginning of the decade: Haircut One Hundred.

Formed in 1980, Nick Heyward and Les Nemes had left Moving England to form Haircut 100, and were joined by Graham Jones, Phil Smith and Pat Hunt.

Recording a demo led them quickly to signing a deal with Arista Records.

The band recorded their first single – Favourite Shirts (Boy meets Girl) – and this song became a radio favourite, hitting number four on the UK pop charts and landing the band a prestigious spot on hitmaking TV show Top of the Pops.

The second single for the band was Love Plus One, another hitmaking single for the band. Both singles were included on the band’s first album, Pelican West, which was released in February 1982.

Reaching number two on the album charts, Pelican West produced two more hit singles – Fantastic Day and Nobody’s Fool.

Soon the band was touring extensively, in England, throughout Europe and then the rest of the world. Magazine covers, tv appearances, videos, concerts – the band was being pulled in every direction as part of the burgeoning New Wave music movement.

Lead singer Nick Heyward couldn’t deal with the pressure and was pushed out of the band, replaced by Mark Fox in 1983. In 1984 the band released its next album, Paint and Paint, which flopped, leading to the band splitting.

But the band’s sounds from its debut effort fueled the style of New Wave, which would continue in the decade’s pop music movement embraced the electronic, dance and synthesizer sounds.


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