memories of the ’70s – Stretch Armstrong

For kids looking for ideas to put on their list for Santa Claus, in 1976 it was all about Stretch Armstrong.

Created by toy manufacturer Kenner, Stretch Armstrong was a blonde muscle man doll, which originally is 15 inches, but could  have his arms or legs stretch up to five feet.

So what it the secret of the stretch?

The doll is made from latex rubber, filled with a corn syrup gel to be able to stretch and then go back to its original size.

Stretch Armstrong was such a hit, there were over 60 versions made for the international market, including Germany, Australia, France and Italy. In Mexico, Stretch Armstrong became El Hombre Elastic while in Japan, he became Tsukuda Mr. X.

The success of the “stretch technology” led to the creation of  monsters, super stretch masks as well as Mego Elastic creatures.

But for those lucky kids of the mid-1970s, the toy was endless hours of fun, until Stretch got too stretched. And even then there was a way to fix him.

As a young child, I remember my neighbour getting Stretch Armstrong, who used to get pulled to his maximum every night as they watched television.

In this century, Stretch Armstrong made a resurgence and in this coming decade will soon become a movie star.


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One Response to memories of the ’70s – Stretch Armstrong

  1. I remember streching mine until he tore open and all the gel leaked out.

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