memories of the ’70s – Carrie

In the mid 1970s, scary twisted between the supernatural and highschool hijinx in the horror film Carrie.

Based on a bestselling novel by Stephen King published in 1974, the film was  directed by Brian De Palma, and was the first of King’s books to be transformed to the big screen.

Starring Sissy Spacek as Carrie, an outcast highschool girl who has the ability to use her mind to create paranormal events when she is stressed or angry, the movie centers on Carrie’s life as as a victim of so many people’s cruelty.

Mistreated and abused by her religious stepmother, played by Piper Laurie, Carrie is also routinely harassed and bullied by her fellow classmates. A couple of teachers try to protect and encourage her, as a fellow student Tommy, played by William Katt,  invites her to the prom.

Carrie starts to notice her powers come out when taunted – like she causes a harasser to fall off his bike and she shatters her bedroom mirror after another horrible fight with her Mother.

At the prom, surprisingly Carrie and her date Tommy are named prom king and queen – but a prank turns the sweet moment into horror, when a bucket of pig’s blood is doused all over the twosome, with the bucket knocking out Tommy.

Carrie’s paranormal powers arise, causing the gym to collapse and catch fire, as she escapes to go home. Her Mother, thinking she is possessed by the devil, fights with her in the house.

The horror film, which cost $1.8 million to make was a huge success at the box office for De Palma and United Artists, grossing $33.8 million. One of the few horror films to recognized by the Academy Awards, Spacek and Laurie were nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress and the film was nominated and awarded accolades from festivals and award committees.

I remember going to a friend’s Halloween party and seeing this film, which scared me – especially since I was in highschool. Although all of us kept saying it could never happen, we wondered if there was a girl among us at school who could become Carrie.

In 1976, Carrie White showed us how a shy girl could take down an entire community with her mind – and a bucket of pig’s blood has become infamous in horror history.

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