memories of the ’80s – Square Pegs

Highschool was a challenge, life was all about getting in good with the cool kids, and two girls tried to establish their cred in Square Pegs.

Set in a fictional small town, highschool life was all about living on the fringe of the core cool society for Lauren Hutchinson and Patty Greene (played by Amy Linker and Sarah Jessica Parker) who do everything they can to keep their reputations as cool as possible.

Their buddies in surviving daily school life are Marshall Blechtman (John Femia) and Johnny ‘Slash’ Ulasewicz (Merritt Butrick), two geeks who also wish to be cool, but are at least glad to form a clique of their own with Lauren and Patty.

Created by former Saturday Night Live writer Anne Beatts, Square Pegs was all about snappy dialogue, which bordered on being a bit too adult or risque. Through their words ( and the half hour sitcom boundaries) the characters showed the reality of teen life in the early 1980s, and is often compared to films made by John Hughes.

Patty and Lauren’s world consisted of not getting embarrassed, trying to be friends with cool Valley kids Jennifer (Tracy Nelson), Ladonna (Claudette Wells) and Vinnie (John Caliri) and figuring out whether it was worth it to participate in any school programs and events as championed by the ever-uber-positive Muffy B. Tepperman, played by Jami Gertz.

As someone who was becoming a teen, this show was a snapshot into what I thought highschool would be like – cliques, issues and trying to survive the day without looking like an idiot, which Patty and Lauren try to do every day.

Unfortunately this series only lasted one season, but its impact on the way highschool should be depicted made a difference on television and film thanks to Ann Beatts.

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