memories of the ’70s – Barbie Benton

An actor, comedienne and musician, but she’s best known for her body, seen in repeated features in Playboy Magazine: Barbie Benton.

This New Yorker started her career as one of the regulars of late 1960s television series Hee Haw – but it was her pictorials that made her into a household word, with her first appearance in the magazine in March 1970.

She was also the 20 year old girlfriend of magazine founder Hugh Hefner, who at the time was 42.

Benton reappeared in Playboy in 1973 and 1975, and after her relationship ended with Hefner, she focused on her music career, with her self-titled album Barbi Benton and her hit single, Brass Buckles, hitting top five on the Billboard Country charts.

And she’s not just the pretty girl – she sings, composes and plays piano, and made two more albums in the 1970s – Something New and Ain’t that Just the Way and appeared on music series American Bandstand in 1975.

Appearing in guest starring roles on series Marcus Welby MD, The Love BoatMcCloud, Vega$ and Flying High, Benton also starred for two seasons in 1977 ABC television series Sugar Time! as Maxx Douglas, an aspiring rock musician.

But the public loved her looks. With three appearances in Playboy Magazine and numerous posters, Benton was a popular pin-up. As a young girl who was looking for her fave posters, it was hard to avoid the visage of the pretty brunette, who dominated the poster racks for the red-blooded males who wanted a sexy girl on their wall.


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