Life & Fashion spring preview – perfume

Start spring with a new scent – and learn the right habits of wearing and storing your new favourite perfume. Here are some tips from Coty Canada Director of PR & Education Aliki Mahshy on the dos and donts of perfume:


L&F – How should you apply perfume?

AM – Whether an eau de toilette, eau de cologne, or eau fraiche, spray on the skin before dressing. For best results, apply the fragrance low on the body as scent rises.


L&F – Does application differ between eau de toilette and perfume?
AM – Pure perfume, in contrast with an eau de toilette, comes in smaller quantities and is more concentrated, so should be used sparingly. It is recommended that you use perfume on pulse points such as behind the ear lobe, the crook of the elbow, the wrist and behind the knees as it disperses when heated.


L&F – If I want to use a body lotion or cream this part of the collection, can I still apply the perfume/eau de toilette?
AM – Absolutely, it will make for a more rounded scent experience and will keep your skin moist.


L&F – Will I need to reapply perfume/eau de toilette in the afternoon? evening?
AM – It is recommended you reapply eau de toilette throughout the day and into the evening as an eau de toilette has a higher alcohol concentration, and the scent may dissipate more rapidly. Reapplying your fragrance will keep the scent.


L&F – How should I store my perfume(s)?
AM – Keep your scent in a cool, dark place to maintain the integrity of the fragrance and its true scent. Do not keep your fragrance in direct sunlight or in high temperatures.


L&F – Can a perfume get too old to use?
AM – Fragrance can have living ingredients and can change or alter over long periods of time or when it’s not stored in ideal settings.


preview from Life & Fashion Spring 2009

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