memories of the ’70s – Le Freak by CHIC

Image result for le freak chic 1979At the end of 1978, holiday music was pushed aside for a disco/funk dance tune with the song Le Freak by CHIC.

Released in September 1978, the song was written by CHIC members Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. The twosome were inspired after they were refused entrance to the popular NYC dance club Studio 54 on New Year’s Eve 1977.

Leaving the club, the duo went home and jammed all night, creating the distinctive song riffs and memorable lyrics. The initial phrase was “fuck off” in response to Studio 54 which became “freak out”.

The first single to be released from the band’s Atlantic Records album C’est Chic, the funk/disco song celebrates disco, dance and infamous Studio 54, with its tough door policy.

Released on September 21, 1978, the song was a steady climber on dance and hit songs around the world. It was the first song for the band to hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the Billboard R&B and Dance Club Songs.

Ranked as the number three song for 1979, and selling over six million copies, the song became an essential of every dance club on both sides of the Atlantic. The song is also the only song to ever to be on the Billboard Hot 100 three separate times.

For Atlantic Records, Le Freak is their bestselling single of all time.




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As seen in downtown Miami:

purple people

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Miami love

As seen in Miami’s Little Havana:

i love you miami

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memories of the ’80s – Hollywood Husbands by Jackie Collins

In the follow-up to Hollywood Wives, author Jackie Collins turned her to the men with the salacious novel Hollywood Husbands.

Published in 1986 three years after the first book of the series, Collins turned her pen to four main characters: Jack Python, Howard Soloman, Manon Cable and Jade Johnson.

Python is a night time talk show host who relishes the spotlight and has charisma, power and success as well as a torrid affair with an A list actress Clarissa Browning.

Soloman is the studio head who is all-powerful but needs to keep his boss happy by signing a deal with a daytime starlet Silver Anderson.

Cable is the A list actor of Hollywood – but has a bruised ego after his divorce from superstar Whitney Valentine.

New York supermodel Jade Johnson arrives in LA and she is the lynchpin for these three men. She is on the cusp of the ultimate success and knows that these three can help or get out of the way.

And of course there is a long-kept secret about a young woman who came to Hollywood, was abused and left for dead. But is she? And who was she? And what do Silver and Whitney think about Jade?

Published by Bantam Books, a division of Simon & Schuster in 1986, this eleventh book by Collins was a bestseller, and overall sold 10 million copies in English.

Collins kept going with her Hollywood theme, writing Hollywood Kids, Hollywood Wives: The New Generation and Hollywood Divorces. Although she created new characters for each novel, a few characters from the first novel, Hollywood Wives, appeared in later books.




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As seen in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District:


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memories of the ’70s – Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

In 1976 the last Agatha Christie mystery was published: the Sleeping Murder.

Posthumously published in October 1976  by Collins Crime Club in the UK and Dodd Mead and Company in the US, the Sleeping Murder starred a popular Christie lead, Miss Marple. Christie had died in January 1976 at age 86.

Set in the 1930s until WWII, Miss Marple meets a newlywed Gwenda Reed, who has come to England ahead of her husband to find a home. She purchases Hillside, and during renovations feels like she has been in the home previously.

Reed tells Miss Marple about her history, and that she had lived away from England in New Zealand, and that she believes she has a connection to the house.

When her husband Giles arrives from New Zealand, the duo work with Miss Marple to uncover the truth of her early years and disturbing memories that are resurfacing in Gwenda’s mind as an adult.

Miss Marple discovers the young Gwenda had come back to England and that there is nefarious things going on about her past and the disappearance of her stepmother Helen, and the reason she was sent from England.

Christie wrote this novel during World War II and wanted it to be published after her death. Originally titled Murder in Retrospect the title was changed after the publication of PD James Cover Her Face.

In 1987, the BBC made the book a two part television series, the 12th book to be adapted for the small screen and in 2001, was made into a radio play for the BBC.



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Wynwood romance

Neither he nor she will ever be the same again:

neither he nor she

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