Hi Tiger

As seen in Toronto:


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Naughty boy

A naughty looking Calvin in a Toronto alley:

evil Calvin

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memories of the ’80s – Ford F series trucks

Related imageIn the middle of the 1980s, it was all about trucks, the Ford F series trucks.

In 1985, the bestselling vehicle of the year was an Ford F Series pickup truck.

Debuting after World War II in 1948, the Ford truck’s designed changed with the times, and became a standard of truck design.

In 1980, the truck’s design changed substantially, increasing the size of the chassis as well as redefining the aerodynamics of the truck. The seventh edition of the truck included for the first time power windows, door locks and side mirrors.

Inside the trucks stayed the same throughout the early 1980s with smaller updates due to changes in electronics. But its exterior was well-known, with its white stripe side panels and rectangular front grill with oval Ford logo.

Print ads have focused on the same adjectives year after year including the tagline “Built Ford Tough.” Television ads echoed the same sentiment.

Image result for ford f series 1985 ad

The F series trucks are worth $41 billion per year in sales, making Ford as a brand one of the most profitable on earth. Ford trucks continued to be popular, and are still in production.


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Two watchmen

As seen in a Toronto alley:

sneaky duo

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memories of the ’70s – Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Image result for oldsmobile cutlass 1975 adDrivers in the mid 1970s made this brand their favourite car for 1975: the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

Faced with concerns over gas prices due to the energy crisis in previous years, car buyers in the US focused on the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, which had two smaller engines.

This type of car had debuted in the early 1960s from General Motors, designed by Irvin Rybicki. Considered a senior compact, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme was larger than the Chevrolet Corvair, but smaller than the cars that had been designed previously.

The fourth generation debuted in 1975, and there were many styles to choose: four door sedan, two door coupe and five door station wagon. The car was assembled in Texas, Georgia, Michigan and Massachusetts.

Most buyers chose the model with an automatic transmission and appreciated the car’s design that made it appear more like a large car than a compact model, with its distinctive front grill and sleek side windows. Another option was the car came with reversible seats. Check out the tv advertisement that reveals it.

The print (and television) advertisement’s enticed buyers with the tagline: “It’s a good year to have an Olds around you.”

Image result for oldsmobile cutlass 1975 ad

This combination led the Oldsmobile Cutlass to become the best-selling car of 1975, and to dominate for the next seven years with car sales in the US and in Canada.



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Live long and prosper

As seen in west end Toronto:


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Friday treat

Donut time:


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