Colourful stairs

The colourful stairs of Valparaiso:

Chile - Valparaiso staircase

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memories of the ’80s – Overboard

Overboard film.jpgIn the late 1980s, a screwball comedy would not succeed at the box office, but certainly would with viewers in the future in Overboard.

Written by Leslie Dixon and produced by Garry Marshall, Overboard stars Goldie Hawn as wealthy Joanna Stayton and Kurt Russell as working class single Dad Dean Proffitt.

Accustomed to the A list life, Joanna and her husband Grant Stayton III (Edward Herrmann) hire Proffitt to re-do her closet on her yacht.

When she is unimpressed by his work, they fight and she tosses him and his tools off the yacht. Later that night, Joanna falls off the yacht while in search of her ring.

Joanna is rescued by a garbage scow, taken to the local hospital and has amnesia. Grant returns to get her, but realizes she doesn’t remember him and witnessing her acting badly towards the staff, abandons her at the hospital to pursue an affair.

Proffitt shows up at the hospital and claims her, deciding that he and his four sons will put her through her paces in payment for not paying his bill and tossing his tools away. As she and her newfound family try to figure out how to survive, the two are constantly fighting, as she attempts to become a wife and mother, with many bizarre, funny and classic slapstick moments.

Released December 16, 1987, Overboard may have had two major stars, but the film got no love from the critics, with most giving it bad reviews for their attempt at a classic screwball comedy but failing.

Despite the harsh commentary of movie critics, the film had a modest box office earnings of US $27 million, but its future lay in television, where the film has become a cult classic on several tv channels. And sidenote – it was the film that brought Hawn and Russell together, and have remained a couple since then.


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Hillside aquarium

Fish style in Valparaiso:


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memories of the ’70s – Freaky Friday

Created by the Disney machine, this fantasy comedy was a fave of kids of December 1976: Freaky Friday.

Written by Mary Rodgers and directed by Gary Nelson, Freaky Friday starred Barbara Harris as Ellen Andrews, Jodie Foster as her daughter Annabel and John Astin as husband/Dad Bill Andrews.

Ellen and Annabel are a Mother-Daughter combo that are like oil and water. They disagree, they argue and refuse to acknowledge each other’s opinion.

Fed up with each other, at the same time, they both decree “I wish I could switch places with her for just one day.”

And since its Friday the 13th, their wish is granted. Now in her Mother’s shoes, young Annabel is balancing the daily work load as Mum and Wife, cleaning, organizing and dealing with an unexpected dinner party for 25. She also has a heart to heart with Ben, her brother, and realizes she has been insensitive to him.

Ellen meanwhile is now spending the day at highschool, amazed at her daughter’s skills to handle typing class, develop photographs, play field hockey and play in the marching band.

Stressed by her constant failures she heads to her husband’s office to find his young pretty assistant. Upset by her presence she convinces the young woman to dress more modestly and act differently, but then finds out how hard her life is, and how kind her husband is.

The duo wish to switch back and are switched, but still have each other’s physical skills causing more hilarious encounters, adventures and understanding.

Harris and Foster were consummate slapstick comedy actors, convincing viewers of their inner characters switch while trying to navigate each other’s lives, causing endless laughs and plenty of memorable moments.

Released December 17, 1976, the 90 minute film was made for a modest US$5 million and was a box office success with kids and adults, making US$25 million at the box office.

Harris and Foster were both nominated for Golden Globes for their performances and the film became a success in the Disney canon, remade twice as a tv movie and a feature film in consequent decades.

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A view of the sea in the hills

The whale of Valparaiso:

Chile - Valparaiso whale

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Island humour

Spotted on a Montego Bay gas tank:
Jamaican humour

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The development never stops

Questioning development in Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh - building sign

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