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…jesus tip?

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memories of the ’80s – Party All the Time by Eddie Murphy

Party_All_the_TimeRising high as an actor in comedies in the 1980s, Eddie Murphy tried for a singing career with the song Party All the Time.

Murphy had been in 48 Hrs, Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop when he worked with Rick James, who produced his first album How Could it Be.

The first single, Party All the Time, was written by James and Kevin Johnston, and was recorded at James’ home studio in Buffalo, New York.

The song is a lament by the singer, that despite all he does for his girlfriend, giving her gifts and spending time with her, she goes out to party and flirt with other men.

The funk/dance song, released in May 1985, featuring backing vocals by James, climbed the charts and hit number two on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, capitalizing on Murphy’s star power and the strength of the music video, as well as James’ influence.

Also hitting the Hot Dance and Hot Black charts in the US, the song charted in Belgium, Finland, Germany, UK and New Zealand, and became a nightclub hit.

Murphy’s career continued to be filled with successes in his comedy and acting, but his singing career made him a one hit wonder of the 1980s.

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Under the sea

Imagine if all the fish were this big…(spotted in Rennes):

fish face

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memories of the ’70s – Don’t Give Up on Us by David Soul

David_Soul_-_Don't_Give_Up_On_Us_single_coverA star on the small screen, then a top 40 hitmaker with Billboard: the one hit wonder Don’t Give Up on Us by David Soul.

Soul was starring in the hit cop show Starsky & Hutch, and decided to turn his hand to a singing career, which had been his first choice as a performer.

Working with producer/writer Tony Macaulay, Soul recorded his song for a single, and recorded the B side – Black Bean Soup – with his girlfriend at the time, actress Lynne Marta.

Released in January 1977, the song had a steady climb on the US and UK music charts, and selling 1.6 million copies in the UK.

The song rode the wave of Soul’s popularity, becoming a number one hit for one week in the UK as well as number one for one week on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1977.

Soul’s song also hit the adult contemporary charts in the US – and also hit number one in Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

The song officially became a one hit wonder as Soul never recorded again.  The song was covered by actor Owen Wilson in the 2004 film remake of Starsky & Hutch, which encouraged Soul to re-record the song.

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Robot fish

Spotted under the bridge in Rennes:

mechanical fish

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Leafs in the alley

Is it their night hockey fans?


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memories of the ’80s – Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow

pA first novel that brought a new player to the legal thriller category of book publishing: Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow.

Turow is a lawyer and worked in the legal system, based in Chicago and in the district attorney’s office for numerous years before he turned his hand to writing a crime thriller.

Rozat ‘Rusty’ Sabich is a prosecutor asked to investigate the death of a former colleague, lawyer Carolyn Polhemus, both prominent within the legal system of the Midwest.

Written in first person, Sabich not only discovers that Polhemus has been murdered, but has to reveal his own previous relationship with the victim as an ex-lover, which turns the spotlight on himself.

The ongoing investigation then makes it seem like Sabich could have been the perpetrator and when all eyes are fixated on making him the person most likely to have killed Polhemus, he continues to investigate to not only prove his innocence but find out who is guilty.

Sabich goes on trial and during the examinations realizes who the killer really is – with a few twists and turns to make the reader wonder if he is guilty or is he not guilty?

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, the first novel/thriller was treated more than another addition to the pulp fiction category thanks to the strong storyline. Thanks to the success of fellow lawyer/writer John Grisham, both publishers and the public were seeking legal thrillers for their bookshelves.

Before the book was published in August 1987, the film rights were optioned by director Sydney Pollack for US $1 million.

The book was praised by critics for it unique twists and turns, and was a mainstay of the New York Times Bestseller List in Fall 1987, hitting number one for several consecutive weeks.

Three years later, the novel was transformed to the big screen with Harrison Ford playing the lead character.

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