A painter’s favourite – Motif #1

I was given a local map with walking tours and history of the town of Rockport – which led me to harbour to come see Motif #1, a fishing shack on Bradley Wharf.

This small fishing town became a focus for several artists, and it was artist Lester Hornby who named the building Motif #1. Although battered, bruised and destroyed, it was rebuilt by the town, and is regularly painted its iconic shade of red.

Boston’s Street Cathedral

On a cold, autumn day, I headed into Boston’s Fort Point district, and despite the endless rain, I noticed these colourful boxes affixed to the top of light posts.

I discovered a sign describing this artwork, created by Claudia Ravaschiere and Michael Moss, as a celebration of a modern interpretation of cathedral construction and the art environment of the neighbourhood:

Next stop: Wonderland

Many years ago I saw an indie film - Next Stop Wonderland – a funny drama about a woman looking for love in Boston and a man trying to focus on his new life and forget his old life, and how their lives eventually intersect.

When I was leaving Boston and taking the train to the airport, I realized I was on the train which also goes to the aquarium and where a lot of the was filmed – as well as the namesake stop of the film: